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    During this demo session we will demonstrate:

    • Basic features of MVNOanalytics BI
    • MVNx related BI “tips & tricks”
    • How to analyse your customer base and gain valuable insights
    • How to automate business processes and gain competitive advantage

    Moreover, we are looking forward to answering all your questions and willing to help you find a solution that suits your business needs.

    Watch an excerpt from the live demonstration

    For a better understanding what could one expect from a live demonstration, please check this 2 minutes video where our data guru and CEO of Metasite Data Insights Vaidas briefly explains how to identify most valuable MVNO customers with the help of our business intelligence solution.

    Vaidas has been in telecommunication business since 2008 and currently leads a small team of professional business intelligence consultants for telecommunication operators and running dozens of data/BI/ETL projects per year around the globe for MVNO/MNO/MNE.

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